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1. Writing

Includes thought leadership, conference/event publicity pieces, interviews, current news about tech, soft skills, leadership and the general world economy.

2. MBA Admissions Help

I. Pre-application: Shaping 'why value propositions, career coaching, CV review

II. Application: Help to position essay, select schools according to your strengths and value propositions, mock interviews (experience with Harvard MBA and London Business School MBA)

3. Career Pivoting 

Help you find clarity on plausible career pathways, and connect you with industry mentors and resources to help accelerate your path.

4. Consulting Services

Help early-stage nascent/deep tech companies build and articulate compelling value propositions through concise and alluring investor pitch decks.

🔹MBA candidate at LBS | Sponsored by UOL, SIM, Accenture & Santander

Strategy Consultant championing new growth strategies at global MNC, founder, writer, and community builder.

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