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🔹MBA candidate at LBS | Sponsored by UOL, SIM, Accenture & Santander

Strategy Consultant championing new growth strategies at global MNC, founder, writer, and community builder.

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I help solve problems through tech, communities & stories


I help Fortune 500 Companies craft new-age growth strategies in our increasingly multi-dimensional world.

As a Strategy Consultant @ Accenture Tech Strategy & Advisory in Singapore, I work with large multinationals across different industries to identify and unlock business value with new technologies. My niche lies in forecasting trends through tailored industry research, financial evaluation, strategic partnerships and implementing proof of concepts to validate investment returns. One of my key works includes helping a Thailand conglomerate virtualize its assets and brand values into 3 interconnected worlds that each hold around $153M worth of experiential and token-backed offerings (

I wield 5 years of strategic, project management and tech transformation experience across a wide variety of industry verticals (heavy assets, products, supply chain, Health & Life Sciences). With my knowledge of core technology concepts and strong business sense, I bring unique perspectives to help Fortune 500 companies embark on differentiated and sustainable growth strategies in our increasingly complex world.

Before consulting, I worked with prominent venture capitalists based in Singapore. With my passion for continuous learning, I have built several communities related to technology and personal development. I remain engaged in the thriving startup and social impact ecosystem through AWS Scouts, Global Shaper Singapore and UNLEASH. 

I am currently an MBA candidate at London Business School Class of 2025 represented by the Accenture Global Strategy Scholars program and SIM-UoL Masters Scholar program (1 scholar per year). I am currently an MBA part-time Intern at Sequel Capital, a Search Fund where I lead origination across a wide number of industrial, consumer and tech topics.

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I give tips on excelling in corporate, personal development, and lifestyle

I'm here to help you write your next story

With 5 years of experience in the vibrant technology and startup ecosystem, I write across an extensive range of topics ranging from startup journeys to technical topics such as deep technologies.

I also craft stories related to personal development and empowerment. I hope to help you create your next story - no matter big or small but with a promise, to be impactful.

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Multiple award winner and featured articles

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